In the fall of 2005, a group of graduate students (Margo DeHoyos, Rachael Garnett, Stacia Gower, Autumn Lopez, Amanda Sayle, Neil Sreenan, Emily Stewart, Shannon Sweny, and Kristen Wilcox) in a History of Art Education class at the University of North Texas began work on the development of a website on the History of Art Education in the United States. Through the summer of 2006, one of the class members, Shannon Sweny, continued to work on the website which was brought on line in August of 2006.

The website is a work in progress. Students in the History of Art Education class in the fall of 2006 (Emily Black, Amy Crossno, Ali Darweesh, Keri Evans, Grace Kaemmerling, Michelle Kearney, Maria Leake, Lillian Lewis, Andres Peralta, Matthew Sutherlin, Susan Whiteland, Erin Whitmore) are continuing to work on the site.

Users are invited to make suggestions and contributions to the site.