NCAMSC Material

In 1994 the North Texas Institute for Educators on the Visual Arts (NTIEVA) at the University of North Texas received a grant from the Getty Center for Education in the Arts to establish a National Center for Art Museum/School Collaborations (NCAMSC). The Center focused on collaborative programming between art museums and schools in a comprehensive approach to art education.

It served as a clearinghouse for information about successful programs and practices by conducting and collecting research, maintaining a database of information, and creating electronic and/or print networks for information retrieval. The Center organized regional and national conferences to bring together art museum and school educators and develop a program of publications on the subject of art museum/school collaborations.

Leadership for the Center was provided by Nancy Berry, Assistant Professor of Art and program director, D. Jack Davis, Professor of Art and Dean of the College of Visual Arts and Design, and R. William McCarter, Regents Professor of Art.

UNT graduate students in art education and art history working on the certificate in art museum education served as research assistants and interns, making significant contributions to research, development, and dissemination of information through networks and publications.

In November 1994, members of the first national advisory board for the Center met in Denton to review goals, objectives, and research and development activities proposed for the first year. Their analysis and recommendations helped guide the Center's activities during a formative period. Members of the first advisory board were Amelia Arenas, Museum of Modern Art, New York; Dana Baldwin, Portland (Maine) Art Museum ; Schroeder Cherry, Baltimore Museum of Art; Anne El-Omami, Cincinnati Art Museum; Susan Hazelroth, Ringling Museum of Art; Allison Perkins, Amon Carter Museum; Kathleen Walsh-Piper, Dallas Museum of Art and Ray Williams, Ackland Art Museum, University of North Carolina.

A series of focus groups was conducted during the summer of 1995 to assist the Center in targeting the needs of its users, and an extensive survey is being sent to school and museum art educators during the fall of 1995. This preliminary research will shape the Center's organization and form the basis for its information retrieval system.

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