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Publications for Sale

Limited quantities of hard copies of past issues of the Newsletter are available for purchase @ $3.50 per issue which includes packaging and mailing.

  • Spring 2004 – “Patterns Before Time”
  • Spring 2003 – “A lighter Side of Art…or is It?”
  • Fall 2002 – “Uniting Words and Images: The Artist as Author”
  • Summer 2002 – “Sifting Through the Sands of Time with Egyptian and Mayan Art”
  • Fall 2001 – “Forces of Nature: Natural Disasters Portrayed in Art”

Other Publications
These Publications are available for the cost of packing and mailing. Supply is limited.

  • “The National Center for Art Museum/School Collaborations: A Summary Report” ($2.00 to cover packaging and mailing)
  • “Art as an Inherited Condition” Monograph # 1 by Jon Young, 1992 ($2.00 to cover packaging and mailing)
  • “Transforming Education Through the Arts Challenge: Final Project Report,” The National Art Education Consortium, 2002 ($2.00 to cover packaging and mailing)
  • CASETA Curriculum units ($ 3.00 to cover packing and mailing)

To order publications, send a check or money order for the amount indicated.

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