Technique Definition Examples/Questions to ask/What to look for

Glittering Generalities
Positive words or phrases with a “feel-good” quality leave a nice impression without making any guarantee. Vague, yet positive terminology: Soap that makes you feel “morning refreshed.”

Associating the power of a cultural symbol with a product. An American flag used in the ad to associate a product with patriotism

Words or images arouse emotions to connect the viewer’s emotion to the product being sold. Does the ad contain appealing images that are not directly connected with a product?

An ad in which a famous spokesperson endorses a product or service. Sports figures promoting athletic gear, sports drinks, or shoes.
Magic Ingredients The suggestion that a miraculous discovery makes a product effective. Often seen in ads for diet pills.
Scientific Language Ads using scientific sounding language to make a product seem more effective. Does the ad contain scientific diagrams or statistics?

Card Stacking
Ads giving only the positive side of a product or service, ignoring negative aspects. Soda advertisements that neglect to mention the large amount of empty calories contained in the product.

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