Tom Anderson
Currently a professor at Florida State University, Tom Anderson is a leader in the field of aesthetics and art criticism. His interest in authentic instruction and social activism is revealed in a recent text co-authored with Melody K. Milbrandt titled, Art for Life: Authentic Instruction in Art.

Terry Barrett
Terry Barrett is a Professor of Art Education at the Ohio State University. Contributing to the field of art education, he has introduced methods of teaching criticism in art. Barrett has also helped to increase awareness and understanding of contemporary art.

Laura Chapman
Laura Chapman’s role as a leader in the field of art education has spanned more than forty years. Her books, articles, research, and speeches have addressed policy issues, curriculum design, instruction methodologies, and assessment. Chapman’s body of work provides rich historical, instructional, and pedagogical resources for students, teachers, researchers, and arts advocates.

Arthur Efland
Arthur Efland’s in depth research on the history of art education serves as a wonderful resource for students, professors, and researchers. His book, A History of Art Education is one of the few texts of its kind.

Elliot Eisner
A professor of art education at Stanford University, Elliot Eisner is known for his scholarship in curriculum studies and educational evaluation. Aesthetic intelligence and the advancement of education through the arts are his main areas of research. Eisner identifies what he calls, “Seven Modes of Thinking”. They include: Aesthetic, scientific, interpersonal, intuitive, narrative and paradigmatic, formal, and spiritual. He has published numerous books and articles, served as the president of the National Art Education Association, and spoken in arenas around the world.

Kerry Freedman
Kerry Freedman is a professor of art education at Northern Illinois University. Freedman’s research of visual culture, technology, and curriculum methodologies has distinguished her as a leader in the field.

Governor Mike Huckabee
Arkansas Governor, Mike Huckabee is the current chairman of the Education Commission of the States and has chosen the arts in education as the focus of his initiative. Governor Huckabee has delivered numerous speeches across the country, advocating the importance of art in every child’s life and proclaiming the need for the arts in education. He states, “The arts aren’t extraneous, extracurricular, or expendable. They are essential.”